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Inner Reflections: Musings on being a Highly Sensitive Person, an Introvert and a Gifted Adult
So what is this web site about, anyway?

This site is an experiment that combines one person's reflections on a 20-year personal "Journey to the Self" with a scattering of interests, fascinations, thoughts, research projects, hobbies, obsessions and musings. It's basically a "personal" web site, but it's my hope that it might also prove educational and informative to some of my fellow "self seekers." 

The "Journey" part is represented by my ongoing interest in, and study of, the concepts of "Adult Giftedness," "Introversion," "Personality Typing" and being a "Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)." In an effort to keep this from becoming "yet another boring and dry psychology and self-help site," I have frequently relied on personal anecdotes about the ways in which these affect-- and interact with-- the basic daily process of living, through a mixture of words and images. 

Why all the pictures? This is a rather information-intensive site. Given that the typical visitor is likely to be an HSP, or an Introvert, or both-- I am aware that it is easy to get overwhelmed by too much information. What's more, HSPs' and Introverts' learning style often follows a "read-process-reflect-read some more" pattern. The peaceful images are intended as a possible place to "rest your eyes" while thinking, or contemplating a concept or a passage of text. 

I don't have a "schedule" for adding new things, and you'll probably notice that many of the subjects listed in the left margin don't have links that lead anywhere. This web site is strictly a "labor of love," so the time I have to dedicate to it is strictly limited by the demands of work and daily life. 
When I started building the "Inner Reflections" web site, I found myself pondering the question "Do we really need yet another guy's personal website to clutter up the Internet?"

I then came to the realization that I have learned as much-- if not more-- about myself and life from reading about other people's personal journeys, as I had from any textbook or "academic" site on the web. Someone once described me as a "reluctant teacher." Although-- at the time-- I felt myself to be neither reluctant, nor a teacher, I confess that this person perhaps had more insight than I gave them credit for, at the time.

These pages are both new and old. Fluid and static. Words and images. Logical and intuitive. They represent a snapshot of this moment, as well as the history that got me here. This is my ongoing journey. 

In a strange sort of way, the history of this site also mimics my life: A jumble of disjointed fragments coming together to form a more integrated whole. You see, much of what is here comes from the eight "freebie" web pages I have had-- until fairly recently-- scattered about, some of them dating back as far as 1995. This is my effort to put it all together, at last. 

Enjoy your exploration. If you take away just one insight, one piece of learning, one ounce of inner comfort, one tiny sense of new purpose-- then making this will have been worthwhile.

Thank you for visiting!
Always take time to stop and absorb the beauty of nature
Recent Additions and News:

2015-16 Site "redecoration" and update
The look of Inner Reflections has remained essentially the same since the first page was published in the 1990s. A lot has happened since then, including that we now look at the web on much larger monitors than we used to, while more and more people look at the web from mobile devices. During 2015-16, I will slowly be updating all the site's pages to a more contemporary look and feel. In the meantime, not all pages will look the same. 

Recent Article about the HSP "Experience"
Part introduction to high sensitivity, part autobiographical, this recent article is actually an ongoing project under development. Including quizzes and other interactive features, it examines the basics of the HSP trait and is useful not only as a source of information for HSPs, but also as a place for HSPs to point their non-HSP friends for an explanation of why they are the way they are. 
The Highly Sensitive Person or HSP-- What Exactly IS That?

Have you ever been to a Gathering of HSPs? 
Attending an HSP Gathering can be an extremely rewarding experience-- something I highly recommend to any HSP who's trying to understand and integrate their trait. Curious about what it is like to go to a Gathering? Read more in the Gathering photo journals: California 2003 and California 2007!

Check Jacquelyn Strickland's web site for future HSP Gatherings!
To stay up with HSP Gathering information and news please visit Jacquelyn Strickland's web site where you can find schedules and registration information!

In Writing: Recent article about Highly Sensitive Men
Part of a series of articles about various HSP-related topics, this piece talks about some of the challenges facing Highly Sensitive Men. It is now posted online and is free for all to read: The Challenges of the Highly Sensitive Man
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HSP News: 
Sensitive-- The Movie!

​One of the most important issues in the global HSP "Community" has long been about how to best spread the word about the HSP trait. After all, the more information is out there, the better off we all are.

The exciting news for 2015 is the production and release of the documentary film Sensitive- The Movie, based on Dr. Elaine Aron's research and work.

The movie-- which is primarily crowd funded-- will feature interviews with Elaine Aron, Grammy Award winner Alanis Morissette and a number of other HSPs from many different walks of life-- and will explain our trait in a more scientific fashion.

Sensitive - The Movie premiers on September 10th, 2015.

For more information please visit the official Sensitive Movie website!

Announcing: The Inner Reflections HSP Bookstore!

As part of the ongoing development of this web site, I have recently consolidated 100's of bookmarks, resources and notes from 15+ years of study and writing about High Sensitivity.

One of the end results was a very long list of books I have found to be useful on my own path of self-discovery, along with books that come highly recommended by fellow HSPs I have met along the way.

I decided to take the names of all these books and turn them into an "HSP Bookstore." 

What's a little different about this online bookstore is that it only contains books I have personally read and am familiar enough with to recommend. I do have a very extensive self-help book library... and only a small fraction of those titles actually made it into the bookstore.

I decided to do this because I felt it would be useful to have a collection of "HSP recommended" books all together in one place.

The HSP Bookstore is run through Amazon.com-- chosen for their ability to do global order filling-- but you'll find that all included titles have my personal commentary along with the "official" description. 

I invite you to visit the HSP Bookstore, and hope you find it useful!